The gift

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The gift

 The sounds of water dripping is what woke me up I looked around as I try to find where I am. All I can recall was walking home after a /party/">party through the woods to get home before my /mom/">mom, but the rest is a big blank. "Andrew wake up u need to get out" I look around to see who was talking, but all I can see is pitch black. "Andrew down here".

I look down to see a huge snake with black and red scales with bight blue eyes, "hurry we dont have much time". He opens his mouth to show off his huge fangs as he bites the rope holding me to the cold wood chair. As I stand up to run I hear heavy foot steps walking to what I think is a door, suddenly there is a huge crash and the lights come on. "Andrew" (age 18) hears a deep husky voice looks up to see a man about 63-64 walks over and grabs him by my neck and throws him to the wall his body hitting the floor like a rag doll tries to stand up but cant.

"We are the order of the sphinx and we know you have the gift", looking puzzled asks him what he means. "I dont have any thing". "Playing stupid wont help you we know you have it but if you dont want to give it to us we have ways of getting what we want". He picked me up and shoved me to the wall his hand still on my neck he undoes his pants to show a huge throbbing dick he pushes me to my knees where he shoves it down my throat making me gag as he rips off my clothes. He looks down and winks. "Its been a long time and I really need to cum so im going to take my time", he tells me.

He starts to face fuck me as I gag and gasp for air he laughs and keeps going he does that for 30 min. Pulling out every now and then so I can breathe. He stands me up and bends me over and starts to play with my ass before he starts to fuck me. I yell for help but no one answers not even the snake is there he tells me I can yell all I want no one can help me now.

He goes faster and harder as I scream and yell begging him to stop he slaps my ass and rams in balls deep tears rolling down my face he pulls out and slaps my face with his dick he stands in front of me and jacks off till he cums all over me load after load hitting my face when he gets done he shoves his dick back in my mouth and makes me drink the last of his cum out of his dick.

He walks away as I wipe my mouth and face clean there in the shadow by the chair its the snake that helped get me free then left as I was attacked by that man as hes pulling over his shirt another man walks in a little bit shorter then the first he looks at me and turns away him and the other man start talking I cant hear everything they are saying I can only here a few words " he or not...i dont no I think so...." thats all I was able to to hear.

They both looked at me with evil looking smiles I knew something was going to happen, just then the lights shut off and I heard a new voice a much deeper voice then the other two. I suddenly feel a pair of cold hands moving over my body my heart starts to race this is it, I was going to die in a dark room with three men the hands moved up to my neck where they tightened there, gripped and once more I was forced up to the wall then I felt his lips touch mine his warm tongue parting my lips I open my mouth so his tounge can slide in I close my eyes as he kisses me his hand now off my neck I pull him closer as I run my hands up and down his body.

Just then I feel two warm tounges on my now Harding cock I look down to see the men that where talking befor licking up and down my shaft I try not to moan but cant help but to moan out with pleasure, the two of them take turns sucking on the head and balls as im watching then I feel the the first guy bite my neck it sends chills threw my body.

As hes kissing my neck the other two are working my dick to the point of cumming all there of them stop and push me to my hands and knees the tallest of the three shoves his dick im my mouth and makes me suck it I lick up and down the saft as I play with is balls I can hear him moaning with pleasure as lick the pre cum off the head I looks at me with bright green eyes and tells me to get ready he shoves his dick down my throat making me gag on it he starts to let a giggle in between his moans.

At that moment I felt a pair of warm toungues licking in and around my ass I try to moan but am unable to, they start to finger my pink /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole as im getting gagged I can hear the two men behind me laughing as the both shove their huge throbbing dicks inside me I cant help but yell with a mixture of pain white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie and pleasure as I do the the guy in front of me back hands my face for yelling I start to whimper as the three men have there way with me.

The guys in back riding me like race horse, each time they trust in I start to gag on the dick in my mouth they all just laugh and keep going suddenly with out warning my mouth is full of warn sticky cum I drink as much of it as I can be for I gag on it he pulls out and slaps me with his dick stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv as the other two keep going its not long be for I feel the both shoot there /ass/ass-cum/cum-in-my-ass/">cum in my ass thry trust in once more to fuck there cum deep in me before they pull out.

All there of the men leave me laying on the floor cum driping out of my ass they all turn back at me at me and tell me I was right I didnt have there gift with that said I woke up to see I was safe in my room with the sun shing in my window.