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The smoothness of the panties felt rather pleasurable around my privates as I drove toward her place. She is a switch who complimented me on one of my stories. We conversed on the Internet, and I admitted that I was also a switch. I told her of my experiences both Dominant and as a /submissive/">submissive. The more the conversation progressed the more my old submissive feelings arose. She evidently sensed that as well. I told her that I?d be willing to be her slave. She consented, but she giggled and said I?d have to be wearing /panties/red-panties/">red panties. Since I have cross-dressed before, I agreed.

The saleslady at the lingerie store snickered when I bought them, especially since she saw me go into the fitting room.

When I arrived at her apartment building, I looked forapartment204. When I knocked on the door, there was no answer. Feeling a bit confused, I wondered if I was in the right place. I knocked again, same result. Frustrated I actually walked outside to look at the number on the building. Did I write down the wrong number?

Then I recalled how one of my old Mistresses used to do this on purpose, so she could punish me for being late. Suspecting that was the case, I patiently returned and resumed the knocking. After what seemed like ten minutes, I heard movement on the other side of the solid wooden door.

?Who is it?? A female voice rang out.

Recalling the demeaning name she began to call me during our on-line conversation, I mumbled softly, ?scumbag?.

?Can?t hear you, speak up!?

Knowing that my voice would travel in this open hallway, I said it loud enough so only she could hear it.

?I still can?t hear you, say it louder!?

Embarrassed to say the least, my willingness to see this woman spurred me on. ?Scumbag!?

Detecting demeaning laughter from inside the apartment, I heard the chain being slid and saw the door open slowly.

?You?re late. Get your ass in here!? The voice commanded from behind the door. Obeying and keeping my eyes pointing downward, I heard the next command. ?Drop your pants and grab your ankles!?

Once I was in that degrading position, I heard a full-hearted laugh. ?Don?t you look /cute/">cute, scumbag,? she said as she snapped the waistband of the panties. Then I felt her place a hand on my panty covered derriere. A natural male consequence occurred, and she felt it when she pushed her hand between my legs.

?Well, scumbag, you?ve already earned two punishments!? Knowing better than to argue, I merely replied, ?Yes /mistress/">mistress.?

In my bent over state, I couldn?t see what she had retrieved from across the room, but I had a strong feeling my butt cheeks would find out soon. Bunching up the soft material, she forced the panties into the crack of my ass, baring my set of buns. Then I felt the narrow head of what I guessed was a riding crop, and I tried to relax my cheeks. I?ve always been able to take a stiff spanking. Once, a Mistress spanked me indian santali xvideo so hard for so long, my butt cheeks actually went numb. However, a crop was a different story. Handled correctly, it can be devastating.

She said I was six minutes late, which meant I get six swats?on each cheek! What could I say; I had agreed to be her slave. It had been a while since I had allowed a Mistress to Domme me, so I had to take whatever she dished out.

She didn?t waste any time, When the first hard smack landed in the middle of my right rear cheek, I absorbed the blow fairly well, but she followed that up with an identical swat on my left cheek. Again, I took it fairly well without crying out. Then steadily she increased the speed and the oomph, and by the time, I had taken the full complement, my ass felt like it was on fire, and I was in agony.

Retaining this position, I couldn?t see what Mistress had retrieved this time. She ordered me to stand and raise my arms high in the air and not to let them fall. She then yanked my panties down my legs and off. Balling them up, she stuffed them in my mouth, effectively gagging me. Ordering me to spread my legs wide, she showed me the cane. Never in my life have I ever been caned. She teased me with it, dragging it softly down the front of my body.

?You?ve had your punishment for being late, now you are getting one for getting a hard-on without permission! But now, scumbag, I want your /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard!? She demanded while she dragged the cane sensuously over the shaft. ?Come on, get that cock right up; here it comes!?

Knowing what was coming was little solace, as my fate had already been determined by this /skank/">skank. Thoughts of me caning her pussy crossed my mind.

Then she held the wiry piece steady and raised it high. She held it, making me anticipate the blow that was sure to come. Then she taunted me. ?You want me to cane you, don?t you scumbag?? Shaking my head ?no? enraged her. ?You have nothing to say about it!? That was right before she slammed the sizzling implement down onto the head of my distended cock. The excruciating pain shot though me and I staggered to my knees, and then fell to a fetal position on the floor.

Allowing me to recover, she walked around the apartment. Hearing her footsteps on the floor, I could tell she had stopped and was looking down on my curled up form.

?On your hands and knees, scumbag!? Obeying instantly, I felt her place a thick, black collar around my neck. Hooking a leash to the ring, she led me down a narrow hallway. She pulled me into a playroom, which had all kinds of domination equipment there.

?Stand up scumbag!?

When I did, my six-foot one height towered over her short stature. She was really built though. Estimating her to be 36d, I wished that she would smother me with those tits. Her rounded derriere had wishing she?d sit on my face.

Chaining me in a spread eagled manner, so that my arms and legs were wide, she teased my nipples. ?Get?em nice and hard for me, scumbag!? The feeling was rather pleasurable until she held up the clamps. ?You?ll love these, scumbag.?

I had told her during our initial conversation, that I was a wimp when it came to nipple clamps. Regretting that admission, I tried to relax my chest and remember to breathe in and out sharply. When she attached the first one, I threw my head back, and the sharp pain doubled when she attached the second one. In addition, when she /hung/">hung the weight on the chain that dragged my nipples painfully downward, I begged her to remove them.

Ignoring my pleas, she did the same to my balls. A weight attached to two chains that were in turn attached to my scrotum dragging by orbs downward. Thinking I couldn?t take much more, I felt my rear cheeks part, so she could jam a butt-plug up my ass. For good measure, she held a ten-inch dildo up to my lips. ?Suck on this, scumbag! And don?t you dare let it drop!?

Then she left me like that, patting my naked cock while walking out of the room. The next thing I heard was the sound of someone walking in the hallway. It was Mistress leading another man by a double leash, that was attached to both of his nipples. He had dark, short hair and he had fat facial cheeks. His torso was a bit wider than I was, and Mistress ordered him to stop in front of my chained up form.

Writhing from the pinch of the clamps, I did remember that Mistress had told me she had a cuckolded husband. ?Scumbag, this is cuck. I just got him out of his cage.? I could also see he was wearing a chastity device. ?As I told you in chat, he hasn?t fucked me in four years. I do jack him off once a month; usually into a cup, then I make him drink it.? She laughed uproariously.

?But, do you know what his specialty is?? I dared not ask what, but with this dildo in my mouth, I was thankfully spared. ?Let?s just say this, when one of my male friends comes over to fuck me in front of him, cuck gets the man?s dick hard for me.?

I was in such anguish from the clamps; I really did not care what he did.

?Cuck has had his cock caned before, so he knows how much that hurts. He?d love to make it feel better, wouldn?t you?? Mistress said while she looked sternly down at the kneeling man.

She then scowled back at me. ?Scumbag, have you ever had your cock sucked by a man?? I shook my head in the negative. She smiled sarcastically. ?This will be your first.?

Then forcing cuck?s face toward my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, after fingering me to my greatest length, Mistress spoke. ?Lick the head,? she ordered. The feeling was electric.

?Don?t you dare cum, scumbag!? When I felt his tongue lick around to the underside, which is the most sensitive part, I could my juices jump.

?Lick down the shaft.? The feeling was heavenly. ?Lick his balls.? If he keeps this up, I?m going to cum for sure, I thought. ?Suck his balls in your mouth!? Some pre-cum oozed out of the hole.

?Stop!? Eyes blazing, Mistress grabbed cuck by his hair and dragged him backwards, before delivering a hard slap to his face. ?You know better!? She seethed.

?I?m sorry Mistress.? His eyes watered.

?And you, scumbag! I didn?t give you permission to cum!? The slap snapped my face to the side. ?You?ve just earned another punishment!?

She yanked cuck by his leash and led him over to an ottoman that had a hole in the middle big enough to fit a man?s /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls through it. Forcing her cuckold over it, she pulled his privates through the hole so they dangled precariously. Mistress then hung a ball stretcher on him, while cuffing his hands behind him.

Leaving her cuckold in that painful position, she returned to me and slapped my face again, before she slapped my cock. ?You, scumbag, have earned a whipping. I will be nice and remove the clamps and the plug as well as the dildo. I will, however, reinsert the panties. Otherwise, we might disturb the neighbors.

Leaving me in this same position, with the modifications she said, she showed me the small bullwhip. I had never had one used on me, so I stiffened when I saw it.

?Cumming without permission, scumbag, is one of the worst things a slave could do.!?

A meek ?Yes Mistress? is all I could say. It was only pre-cum, but that was enough.

She walked behind me and I waited my fate. When the initial swat landed, I stiffened. It has been a while since I felt lashes, and this bullwhip hurt like hell. Another one landed an inch below the first one. Then methodically, and with precision, she landed lash after lash that had me cringing. When she had whipped the entire length down to my thighs, I was hoping she?d stop. However, she was not finished. She walked around to my front, and continued. She didn?t let up until my entire body was filled with stripes and I was hanging by my wrists.

Totally whipped into submission, she released me from my bonds. At this alain lyle porn point I would have agreed to anything, and she took full advantage. She led me over to where cuck was bound by his balls over the ottoman. She released him and laid him on his back. She told me that his cock and balls hurt and they needed to be soothed.

I had told Mistress during our first conversation that I had never been forced to suck a cock. ?That would change,? she assured me.

She spread his legs wide, so that I would have easy access. Leading me by the leash, she maneuvered me so that my face was right over his cock. Then pushing my head down, she said the dreaded words.

?Suck his cock, scumbag!? She forced my mouth open with one squeeze of my balls. ?Lick the head, just like he did for you!? The feeling was like nothing I?d felt before. ?Keep licking, scumbag!? I did. ?Now lick down the shaft!? An odd sense of accomplishment came over me. ?Lick his balls; Good boy. Now suck his balls in your mouth!? Another strange feeling overtook me. I was actually getting a hard-on. ?Lick back up the shaft!?

His cock was pulsing. She told me he hadn?t cum in a month and it was time to relieve his balls. ?Now take his cock in your mouth!? I began going up and down as his entire six inches was in my mouth. ?Keep sucking!? I sucked him down to his balls. Then she pulled my head back by my hair just before he squirted all over my face. Cum hit my nose, eyes, mouth and ran down my body. I had no choice but to swallow some. He seemed to have a bucket full.

When he had emptied his entire load, Mistress had him lick it off, which meant his mouth encountered my cock and balls again.

That done, Mistress once again ordered me to my hands and knees. She led me by the leash to where she kept her cuckold. ?In the cage scumbag.? When I crawled in, she locked me in and said this was my new home for a while.

The only thing I could say was, ?Yes Mistress.?