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George comes home from a hard day at work and sets his briefcase and coat by the door. He finds that the house is unusually quiet but pays no attention and heads up to the bedroom. As he makes his way up the stairs he smells the wonderful scent of his beloved wife Linda’s perfume. As he reaches the landing he hears the faint sounds of music escaping the slight crack from the door of their bedroom. Making sure not to make any noise he opens the door slowly. ’Linda?’ he says in a quite, very deep masculine voice. 

As the door is pushed away more, the site of her naked body laying on the bed makes him tremble. ’Yes baby.’ she says in a sultry voice. He starts to move toward the bed when she motions him to stop. Puzzled he does what he is told knowing she has something blowjob porn videos in mind. She gets off of the bed her body moving with such grace. He can’t help but be fixed on her luscious breast moving slightly as she walks toward him. He feels his cock become hard thinking in his head ’she is so beautiful’. She reaches her hands out and unbuttons his belt and pants, unzipping them and pulls them down. This makes him tremble with excitement. 

As she sees him very excited she smiles and tugs down his boxers in a hungry need to suck on his hard member. She gently places her hands on his now very erect cock, stroking him slowly. Then sticks out her tongue and licks the head before placing it in her mouth. He moans out as she starts to suck on his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Moving him in and out of her mouth faster and faster. She then drags up slowly and swirls her tongue around the head while stroking him with her hand. 

He moans out while his hand caresses her head. She then licks from his balls to the tip of his cock. She takes him out of her mouth and stands up to kiss him passionately while taking off his shirt. He wraps his warm arms around her pulling her close to him, feeling her breasts pressed against his chest. While they kiss his hands run down her body feeling her soft skin under his finger tips. His hands move over her ass and squeezes it hard. 

He lifts her up by her ass wrapping her legs around his waist and moves towards the bed. He lays her gently down and moves on top of her. He kisses her deeply moving down to her neck and chest. He slowly licks around her right breast getting closer and closer to her now erect nipple. He places her nipple in his mouth and sucks on it biting it gently. Moving to the other breast he reaches down and starts to rub her clit making her breath increase and start to moan slightly. He rubs faster as he kisses down her stomach focusing on her bellybutton. She feels herself become very wet and her breath quickens. 

He kisses down to her nice mound and then replaces his fingers with his tongue. Sucking and biting gently on her clit. This sends her into a wave of pleasure, moaning out. He then inserts a finger passed her swollen pussy lips into the slick secretive spot. He slides his finger in and out slowly and then quickens inserting two fingers as she moans out. He continues to focus on sucking her clit while his fingers preciously hit the special spot inside he knows drives her absolutely /crazy/">crazy. She moans out loudly feeling tingles rush from the right leg up and around her body flowing out of her left foot. ’Oh, baby!’ she moans, ’ That feels so good!’ George knows that if he continues she will definitely go over the edge, so he slows down and kisses his way back up her body to devour her mouth. They share a passionate kiss. 

Their tongues dancing together. Removing his fingers from her now soaked pussy, he starts to massage her right breast. Her moans suppressed by the kissing. The kiss breaks, and she whispers in his ear, ’I need you inside me sweetie.’ The mention of his hard cock slipping into his beloved's /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy makes him growl with lust and he moves on top of her. Spreading her legs wide with his hips he positions himself to enter her. Teasing her, he inserts just the head and then pulls out slowly. ’Please, give it to me.’ she pleads, but he prevails and keeps up with the teasing. Finally, at an unexpected point he drives his hard member all the way in making her squeal. 

He starts to thrust in and out of her slowly with long hard strokes. He starts to stroke harder and faster pulling her ass up for deeper penetration. ’Oh, God you feel so good inside me. I love you /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-my-pussy/">fucking my pussy.’ To this he growls and pulls out suddenly. He motions for her to turn over and she does with a bounce of excitement. He knows entering her from behind is one of her favorite positions and he loves giving it to her as well. 

milf porn videos He inserts his cock and starts to thrust hard and fast. She moans out loudly, telling him harder. He loves to fuck his lovely wife so he begins to go harder on her. His body and balls slapping against her now /ass/red-ass/">red ass. 

She begins to push back into his thrusts driving his cock deeper inside. They both moan in pleasure. ’Oh, I’m gonna cum baby. Are you ready for my cum?’ ’Oh, yeah baby I am gonna cum too.’ A few more hard strokes and Linda screams with pleasure and her body starts to shake as her orgasm is overwhelming her. George feels her pussy walls start to milk his cock and he cant hold off any longer. 

Growling out her name, he shoots his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum deep inside her now creamy wet pussy. Linda exhausted from her explosion rests on her elbows as she feels him spurt a few more strands of cum inside her. Spent he tries not to collapse on her but pulls out slowly and grabs her around the waist pulling her down to the bed with him. 

They gaze into each others eyes, both hazy from the powerful orgasms that had just ripped through their bodies merely seconds ago. A knowing satisfaction lingers in the room as the two fall asleep in each others arms.