My Daughters Wedding

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My Daughters Wedding

My name is prerna widowed my husband passed away when my only /daughter/">daughter was 5 yrs old. I had been married to him when I was 18 yrs, very distinctly he married me not cause of my qualities but more for my voluptuous 36-28-38 figure and my milkfull of assets. I brought up anjali with my husbands insurance and pension. Anjali was 22yrs , had a secured job and a good prospect for marriage. So I was on a lookout for a would be suitor for her. My /sister/">sister?s family had an orphaned relative on her husband?s side who was well settled, about anjali?s age with a good job and showed ambitions of coming to our metro city in pursuit of better opportunities. I always wanted anjali closer to me and conveyed my intensions to my sister. We worked out for sudesh to come to town and stay with us for a while as he searched for a job and in the meanwhile we could gain more inputs about him. Sudesh was welcome between us and I introduced him to anjali as a distant relative in search of job opportunities. Sudesh was accommodated in our adjoining room in our modest 2bhk apartment. He seemed to be good as he bagged a job soon, also we mixed with him. He appeared honest, modest and thorough in his approach, a balance of intro-extro character. It was this Friday night, Anjali and me were asleep in the one room adjoining the room now occupied by sudesh. Both these rooms share a common toilet/bathroom with doors opening in both the rooms, so one has to latch both the doors when occupying the bathroom. I got up about 1:45 am to go to the toilet, I opened the door and switched on the lights, to my /surprise/">surprise I saw sudesh all stripped naked wanking his cork in the dark. I eyed his hard organ for a while, I then said ?Why don?t you latch the door? and closed the door on him. I had seen a cork after a long time and this sight had become precious to me privately. Next day I choose to talk to none about it, keeping the delight to myself. Being Saturday anjali and sudesh were back from work early and we decided to go out for a movie in the cinema hall. We managed to get tickets. I took a seat in between anjali on my left and sudesh to my right. We had carried some sandwich and popcorn into the hall. Anjali savored the sandwiched while sudesh munched the popcorn. I had been sharing the popcorn packet with sudesh, now and then I kept seeking the popcorn from the packet held by sudesh in his laps. It was by accident that instead of putting my hand into the packet I landed my hand on sudesh?s crotch plucking at his cork. I felt the soft flesh in his pants, I remembered the sight of him massaging his cork back last night. I withdrew my hand away but he held my hand and placed it over his cork and put it in a plucking momentum. He encouraged my momentum by repeatedly brushing the top of my hand. A while later he unzipped his pants and let out his cork into my palm. It was so fleshy and soft, I kept up the massaging momentum, shortly his cork had outgrown my palm. I got full of lust and at that time only the animal instinct in me reigned supreme. Soon his juice started wetting my palms , I now wanted to extract every ounce of juice from him, I continued to massage his cork vigorously, then in spurts of suppressed orgasm he ejaculated. When the movie was over and the lights came on, we stared into each others eyes acknowledging the unspoken animal instinct between us. Now I was too overcome with lust and sex was much on my mind only how soon could it come was my concern.

We reached home about 1:15 am , I prepared the milk with supplemented vitamins for anjali as usual , only now on this full moon night I laced it with some powder of a couple of harmless sleeping pills. After her drink we split into our rooms. When I was satisfied she was undoubtedly asleep ,I went into the bathroom and came out on the other side in sudesh?s room. The room was lit by the moon light and I could see him fast asleep in the bed. I stood next to his bed and cajoled him to wake, when he came out of his trance and saw me standing there he knew why I was there. He was wearing nothing but only a lungi, he grabbed me next to him on the bed and reached for my breasts pressing them delicately. I made my way into his lungi and reached for his organ ,it was dormant and soft. He unbuttoned my blouse and bra and started to suck my milk while I massaged his cork till it was hard and long. I then pulled my ghagra up and saddled on his cork , riding him , his hard organ into my vagina I dominated him riding him harder and harder making the most of his tool. A short while later he wetted my vagina with the very juice I wanted to squeeze him dry of. We quickly dispersed after our initial adventure.

Now I had little option but to get sudesh out of our house as soon as possible. I asked anjali how she felt about him as an husband and she accepted him on my first instance. I asked sudesh to look for a new accommodation for themselves. The marriage ceremony was brief and most of our close relatives were there and all praised sudesh-anjali pair as made for each other. After the marriage since sudesh?s house was small I decided to switch our houses, I moved into his 1 room kitchen room. It was about 31/2 kms from our house and continued to be close to anjali. A couple of weeks passed and all was ok till one day sudesh and anjali came to meet me in the evening. Both seemed to have been at loggerheads at each other. My daughter insisted she could not live anymore with him and sudesh blamed her for being childish. Giving sudesh more ears did not help to ease xxx my daughter and she walked out. Left with sudesh I began reasoning out with him what was wrong. He repeated what he said earlier and now he too conveyed he did not want to prevail as anjali?s husband. I sat next to sudesh on the sofa and asked him to be honest with me and tell me everything, I promised him I will not tell anjali or anyone. Not until he extracted my promise ,he said ?It has never been such before up until I met you that I have got consumed with sex, earlier during my stay at your place I regularly masturbated thinking of you, now after marriage my need for sex has got more desperate and anjali doesn?t solve my problem , all my sexual advances to her are shunned by her and my craving for you gets more day by day.? I then asked him how could this be resolved to everyone?s satisfaction, he looked in my eyes and bluntly replied ?Let me have sex with you?. I was speechless and I did not expect this and knew not what to say or do. At that moment I wanted him to be back with anjali consoling her, so it was best for anjali if I could help sudesh?s cause, so I hugged him onto my shoulder and said ?Iam there for you , don?t trouble anjali anymore.? On earring this he started kissing me like a lover, he kissed my cheeks, my forehead and finally he started kissing my lips. I liked being kissed by him initially ,soon he had pulled my pallav down from over my left shoulder and opened my blouse. The daft of a guy then slipped his hand into my left bra cup and started pinching my nipple. His pressure to maneuver inside my bra was enough to break the lock of my bra and it opened up my breast. Sensing his excess had gone far for the day I stopped him and said ?Go back to console anjali and make her happy, may be we could do this some other occasion.? He agreed and left. I visited them the next evening and it seemed there was peace between them. I did not spend much time with them and returned home. The following day sudesh was at my place early evening. I had a headache and I was asleep, I woke up to reply the ringing door bell. I opened the latch with groggy eyes and was not surprised to see sudesh. I let him in and latched the door. He presented me with a gift which I immediately stored away. I returned to the sofa-cum-bed and asked sudesh to rub some pain balm on my head. He obeyed promptly. No sooner I had reached a relaxed state by his efforts , he got adventurous, firstly he exposed my top by getting my sari out of his way then quickly resorted to open my blouse. I was annoyed , I got up and asked him to leave me alone. May be he felt /bad/">bad and walked away. Two days later anjali came home supposedly lock stock barrel. I inquired with her and she game me the same earlier reasons. It was late evening and anjali had been helping me out with the dinner preparations. She was now comfortably dressed in a nightie, short sleeveless blue frock, being transparent her light blue panty and bra were very visible. She looked so much baby. I went up to her and from behind I started pressing her buttocks, she was quick to object and I said ?My baby, I?ll take care of you.? Then I pulled her frock off her and pulled her panty down, she was angry and blurted out saying ?Iam surrounded by sexually starved people and I don?t want to be a part of it, why don?t you get married to satisfy your hunger for sex.? Saying this she changed and collected her small baggage and left my house. The next day I visited the troubled couples only to strike a lasting peace between them. I decided on camping there for a day or two max. It was past dinner and we were watching the tube , there was not much talk between us. Anjali retired early for bed that night ,leaving me and sudesh on the deck by ourselves. Sudesh came by and sat next to me, I decided to head for my room, no sooner had I got up he caught my hand and pulled me onto his lap. He wasted no time in baring my boobs, he had been just a little while into his excesses over me, I walked out of the place and quietly went to sleep in my room after latching the door. I had been worried if at all this marriage for them could work out well. I had just been asleep when it was maybe past about 2:00 am when I felt someone strong strangling my hands that I woke up and found sudesh aggressively forcing himself onto me. He was furiously kissing me and wanting to disrobe me. He saddled over my thighs trying to get most of me. I avoided a commotion as I did not want anjali to find sudesh with me like this ,I reasoned with sudesh so very softly, I said ?Not now, anjali will wake up, let go off me for now and I promise I will give you a very satisfying evening tomorrow when you come to my house.? Not before kissing me bye he relinquished me and disappeared into the bathroom to exit into his room. Next day I was back in my house, I knew the time he would come, expecting him any moment in the evening at my place I dressed up in the nightie he had gifted me, it was similar to what anjali had worn. It was cream colored with matching panty and bra. I was just combing my long hair when the door bell rang. I immediately opened the door and let him in. While I was latching the door he showered praise for my beauty and said ?You look a lot younger in this.? I asked him if he wanted something to eat and he suggested some black coffee. I went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee. When I returned he had stripped himself of everything and was in process of disbanding his /underwear/">underwear. He had a ?V? shaped chest and a lean body, I now had sudesh sitting naked on the sofa. I sat in front of him serving him the coffee. His eyes were glued on my cleavage and my thighs. I noticed his soft fleshy organ move so very slightly being aroused by what he was seeing. He spread his legs making himself comfortable, his organ seemed very tempting to me. I got up and pulled off my frock, removed my bra and panty standing naked in front of him, his gaze became ever so passionate. I knelt on my knees between his legs, looking up at him, he brushed my hair and said ?Darling, come make my day.? I moved my head close to his cork and started sniffing at his organ, it had an addictive smell. With my tongue stretched out I started licking his cork, I continued smelling and licking it , then I swallowed his organ into my mouth. At first it was all inside my mouth, as I worked on it , it grew bigger and bigger till it was about 6? long. I continued sucking it till it got wet with his pure white juice. Not wanting to miss his organ on a high I saddled porn videos download on his crotch lodging his organ into my vagina. He was moving his hands all over my body as I rode him , I rode him hard that day. He had a good stamina to keep up with me. Finally like all good things end, he bursted out his juice of passion into my vagina. He thanked me for the treat and promised to take good care of anjali, while I conceded he was a superb stud at sex.

Since then sudesh and anjali are happily married , while sudesh comes by to my place a couple of times in a week for some of his excesses.