For this relief much thanks

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For this relief much thanks

The five of us had gathered in the small classroom to do our homework together. It was French translation and we decided that five average brains were better than one average brain. Everything started seriously and we had completed nearly half a page when Dave’s right hand disappeared below the desk and he started fidgeting.

’Sorry, but I’ve got a hard-on!’ he said with a smile.
’Let’s see!’ challenged Paul.

Dave stood up and revealed the bulge in his trousers. That was enough to get my prick swelling.
’So much for French translation!’ I grinned. ’Mine’s up now! What are we going to do about it?’
’Well, I’m going to the lav for a wank ’ won’t be long!’ Dave started towards the door.
’Hey, why go to the lav ’ what’s wrong with wanking here?’ said Nigel.
’What, in front of you lot? No way!’

’What if we all wank together?’ I suggested. Hector, who was known as a compulsive wanker and who had mutually masturbated with several boys from our class although not with any of us, jumped at the idea.

’Great idea! Let’s see who can come first!’ he said enthusiastically, starting to unbutton his flies.
’No, why rush it? Let’s just whip out our cocks and enjoy ourselves’ suggested Nigel, ’Come on!’ And he, too, undid his flies and revealed a throbbing, erect cock, which he started to rub slowly.

It did not take long for us all to free our erections and start to masturbate, each in his own way, Hector and Paul with the fist firmly clasped around the shaft, Nigel with just the thumb and forefinger gently stroking the head, I with a thumb and three fingers while Dave leant back in his chair, undid his shirt and rubbed his penis against his stomach.

’That looks good,’ I said and followed suit.
’It’s better if you rub like this’ Dave advised and placed the palm of his hand on my penis and gently rubbed it from side to side against my stomach.
’Wow, careful ’ I’m going to come!’ I gasped. It was truly wonderful. He stopped for a moment and looked at me and then at his own penis.
’Go on!’

I paused for a moment and then took hold of his penis. It was warm and throbbing and reacted enthusiastically to my touch. I held it gently and moved my hand up and down. Dave took hold of mine and ’ lo and behold ’ we were actually wanking each other. For me it was the /first-time/">first time, but I got the impression that it was not the same for Dave. I glanced at the other three. They were gazing at us, fascinated ’ and, I suspected, enviously! Hector was the first to speak.
’Why don’t we all do that!’

’O.K., but there are five of us. Who’s going to be the odd one out?’
’Nobody. Look, let’s sit in a circle and each wank the person on his right.’
So we arranged five chairs in a tight circle, dropped our trousers and pants to the ground for greater freedom, and each took hold of the penis on his right. It was an incredible experience. You could tell just how the person on your left was feeling, by the way his hand treated your penis.
’This is fantastic ’ but I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold out much longer’, panted Dave.

’Nor me’, added Nigel.
’Look, let’s all try to come together,’ I suggested.
’O.K. - but make it soon,’ smiled Hector.
We all looked at each other in turn, trying to gauge the right time to ejaculate. We were so carried away by the surges in our loins that we didn’t hear the door open. We did hear the voice that followed.
’Excuse me! Am I interrupting something?’

Everyone froze, and tried to look normal, which was not an easy thing to do with one’s trousers round one’s ankles, particularly for Hector and Paul who ejaculated immediately on hearing the headmaster’s voice from the doorway. 
’Er ’ well, sir’’ started Nigel.

’I think the best thing to do would be to make yourselves respectable and report to my office in fifteen minutes. All right?’
’Yes, sir,’ came an embarrassed chorus. The headmaster left the room, leaving five flabbergasted boys to pull up their trousers. Hector and Paul wiped the sperm from their legs, trousers and the floor and Nigel threw caution to the wind and finished what he’d been doing before they’d been so rudely interrupted, ejaculating into his handkerchief. Watching him, my erection, which had started to subside, immediately sprang to attention and I had no option but to follow suit. Dave ignored us both and finished adjusting his dress.

’Well, we’re for it now!’ he said, dejectedly.
’I suppose so. Oh, well ’ it was nice while it lasted!’
The five boys went immediately to Mr. Calder’s office and reported to the secretary. 
’What have you been up to? He wants to see you one by one. Who wants to be first?’
Nobody seemed very keen, and so I said:
’I will ’ I may as well get it over with.’

I went into the headmaster’s office where Mr. Calder was sitting not at his desk but in an armchair by the window. He was around fifty, balding and athletically built.
’Come and sit down, Blake.’ He pointed to another armchair directly opposite his.
’Well, sir, I don’t know what to say’.’
’Don’t say anything until I’ve spoken, Blake. Just listen, and answer my questions. So, you were masturbating in the classroom during prep time? Well, I’ll say at once that I actually don’t think there’s anything wrong with masturbating.’ 
This rather took me by /surprise/">surprise.

’No, it’s quite a natural function. I do it myself.’
This took me even more by surprise.
’You, sir?’
’Yes, me, Blake. Why does that surprise you? How often do you masturbate?’
’Oh, about twice or three times a week,’ I lied, having done it at least once a day over the last ten days or so.
’Is that all?’ Mr. Calder crossed his legs to conceal a rather obvious erection. ’When I was your age I did it old waman xxxgx nearly every day.’

I now felt ashamed, but felt I could not go back on what I had said.
’Do you often do it together?’
’No sir, it just happened.’
’Hmm. Well, I’m sorry I interrupted you ’ did you ’er finish?’
’Most of us did, sir.’
’Well, you’d better be careful in future. I understand, but there are those who wouldn’t. Miss Laver, for example.’

Miss Laver was the R.E. /teacher/">teacher, a very devout spinster to whom sex was the business of the devil.
’Yes, sir, I understand, sir.’
’Look, keep this conversation under your hat, won’t you? I understand you ’ you understand me, right?’
’Right, sir.’
He stood up, revealing a painfully obvious bulge in his trousers. He casually tried to adjust it, but without success. 
’Tell Faber to come in, will you?’

In spite of my recent orgasm, I also had an erection, which Mr. Calder noticed. He smiled. I left the office and Nigel took my place.
When we exchanged notes afterwards back in the classroom, it turned out that we had all had more or less the same conversation, that Mr. Calder had had an erection the whole time, and that he had not without some obvious pleasure eyed the erection of each boy. Hector seemed to have had slightly different treatment in that he had been shown the headmaster’s bathroom. From his sheepish look we were pretty certain that it had been more than just a look around, but Hector was not saying anything. We all agreed that we would respect the headmaster’s wishes and keep our conversations with Mr. Calder to ourselves. 
’Fancy old Calder wanking!’

’Well, men do ’ my old man does.’ said Nigel. ’ I burst in on him in the bathroom once when he was wanking in the bath with a soapy hand.’
’Coo, what did he say?’
’Nothing at the time ’ he just pretended he was washing himself. But he came to see me afterwards. I was in bed. He said he felt it was time to tell me something and proceeded to talk about the changes that happen to boys when they reach puberty and all that crap.’
’What did you say?’

I had already started wanking before he came in, so I stripped back the bedclothes, continued wanking and said ’Thanks, Dad, but I’ve been wanking for two years now. If you keep quiet about my wanking, I’ll keep quiet about yours!’ He just smiled and went out.’
’Girls do it too, you know. My /sister/big-sister/">big sister showed me how she puts two fingers up her cunt.’ boasted Dave. ’She said she would show me if I wanked in front of her, so I did!’ 

Out of respect for my own sister I decided to keep quiet about the time she was in my bed and I showed her how I masturbated. We were reading together and she accidentally touched my penis which was erect. Fascinated, she asked to look at it ’ so I showed it to her and told her that when it was stiff like this I had to rub it up and down to make it limp again. She asked me to show her ’ and nearly screamed when I came all over her!
Hector’s family story was somewhat different. It involved his Uncle Henry, who was a mechanic and who used to visit them frequently to service their car, lawnmower and anything else that was falling apart.

’My mother asked me to tell Uncle Henry that lunch was ready. He was working in the garden shed and as I got near it I could hear what sounded like our dog sort of whimpering. I looked in the window and there was Uncle Henry, his stiff prick sticking out of his flies, wanking our dog while the dog licked his prick. The dog was humping up and down and then it came all over Uncle Henry’s leg. Then Uncle Henry came, and the dog started to lick up the cum. That’s when I decided to go in.’

’Cor, what did he say?’ said Paul, stroking his erection.
’He didn’t seem all that put out, actually. He just did up his trousers and asked me if I masturbated. I of course said yes, and he said ’Good show ’ great, isn’t it. Try it with the dog sometime.’ ’ and we went in to lunch.’
’And did you try it with the dog?’

’Of course. And it really is great. I did it with Uncle Henry too! I told him I’d tell Dad about the dog if he didn’t let me play with his prick!’
Making a mental note to do it with our dog at the earliest opportunity, though not with my Uncle Jack, whose breath smelt, I decided that now I had to contribute my family story. Telling them about wanking all over my sister was out, and so was the time I saw my father sucking off the gardner behind the garage. I did not want them to think my father was gay. So I went back to the beginning. 

’It was my elder cousin who first taught me to wank. I was twelve and we were sitting alone in the sitting room. My parents were out somewhere with my sister. We were wearing our pyjamas, ready for bed and mine were a bit open in the front. This obviously excited him and suddenly he put his hand on my prick. He asked me if I played with myself and I said sometimes in bed and he asked me if I ’came’. I didn’t know what that meant so he said he’d show me. His prick was big by now and sticking out of his pyjamas. He started to rub mine, but nothing happened. He told me to try to pee, so I did. At first I couldn’t, but then I peed all down my pyjamas and couldn’t stop. Anyway, it had the right effect, as I got an erection. He started rubbing it and told me to do the same for him. After a while he stopped rubbing me and took hold of his own prick. He suddenly started shaking and moaning and then he came ’ all over me and the sofa! Then he told me to keep on rubbing myself ’ I did and then I started to feel something down there ’ well, you know what ’ and I came too. So there we were, with pee and spunk all over my pyjamas, the sofa and the floor. We cleaned most of it up, but because of the pee stains on my pyjamas I had to tell Mum that I’d had an accident and didn’t get to the loo in time!’

’Did she believe you?’
’I doubt it, as we hadn’t been able to completely get rid of the spunk stains, but she didn’t say anything.’
’I sometimes pee in my pants and then wank ’ when I’m alone at home and can wash the pants afterwards,’ said Nigel, ’I shit in my pants too, sometimes. It sounds weird, but it turns me on.’
’I’ve done it when out running,’ I confessed. ’It turns me on too. Look, why don’t we organize a peeing and shitting session ’ we could do it on a free sports day and then wash our pants in the river.’

The others agreed unanimously, and as we were all by this time rubbing our erect pricks through our pockets, we finished the job in hand, ejaculating into our pants.
The idea of peeing and shitting in our pants was foremost in all our minds over the next day or two. I had the chance of a dress rehearsal as my parents took my sister to a concert one evening, leaving me on my own. I took some dirty clothes from the clothes basket, put them on, and went out into the garden. I hadn’t peed since I arrived home, and I definitely needed a crap. I walked casually around the garden relaxing my bladder and bowels. Peeing was not easy as I by then had an erection, but as soon as the shit started to come, the pee came too. I had a brimful bladder and the warm liquid flowed down my legs and I could feel my pants filling out. I shit a hell of a lot and could feel it squidging all over my arse and it started to ooze out of my pants and between my legs. I did not have to more than just touch my prick to come. It was fantastic. Now came the difficult bit ’ cleaning myself up. I got into the bath, stripped off and shook what I could of the shit into the loo. There was still a lot stuck to me - including my prick which I had pushed back between my legs. This got me excited again and I wanked once more, the shit making quite an original, if messy, lubricant. I then washed all the shit off in the bath, bunging up the plug-hole in the process. It took me several minutes to get rid of it! Then I rough-washed my pants and jeans and put them in the machine with the rest of the dirty washing and switched it on. Fortunately my parents did not return until towards the end of the cycle, otherwise they might have guessed what I had been doing, from the colour of the water! It was difficult to imagine that our free sports day could be more exciting. But it was!

We only had three days to wait. The plan was to go jogging, wearing tracksuit bottoms over the shorts we would be wearing for the ’session’, so that we would have something clean and dry to return in! We would finish our jogging on the ’island’ ’ which was on the part of the river where the school went swimming. There was a danger of others being there too, but it was big enough for us to be able to find a sufficiently secluded spot. We set off at three o’clock and jogged a couple of miles before making for the island. Of course, nobody had had a shit that morning and we all drank lots of water at bokep sma pecah perawan lunchtime, so that we were bursting by the time we got to our destination. The running had got my bowels working and it was all I could do to hold the shit back! So, as soon as we found a good spot, we took off our tracksuit bottoms and let go! We of course all had erections which we arranged vertically so the pee squirted up on to our stomachs and then ran down our legs. Peeing in one’s pants is fantastic enough, but watching others doing the same is out of this world. 

’In anybody shitting yet,’ I asked, ’because I am!’
Once I had started, there seemed to be no end to the amount of shit, which filled out my pants and then started oozing down my legs. 
’Here it comes!’ shouted Nigel, and he too started filling his pants. Hector was the only one who had any trouble with shitting, but he too managed in the end and we were soon bathing in our own shit and piss!

’God, I’m coming already,’ said Paul, and freed his prick to release a spurt of sperm. We all followed suit, and none of us needed more than a slight touch to reach orgasm, so excited had the pissing and shitting made us. As the excitement died down, Paul suddenly exclaimed:
’Hey, there’s somebody watching us!’